Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alan Tam

Alan Tam Wing-Lun, is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer and film actor. During the 1980s, he was famous for singing romantic ballads with modern arrangements. He was also renowned for singing fast songs, "Love Trap" is one of the many good examples. "Love Trap" was awarded with 25th Anniversity Solid Gold Golden Hit in 2006 勁歌金曲25週年榮譽金曲獎. He is also known as "Principal" as if he were the principal of the music industry.


Tam started his career with The Wynners, a band which had Kenny Bee among its members. Tam was one of the two lead singers in the band for many years. His first album as a solo artist was 'Naughty Boy' in 1979. An early success would be the song 'Love in Autumn' first performed in 1984.

Alan Tam himself established a foothold on the Cantopop scene with songs dating back to the late 1980s like 'Embrace' , 'Flower in Water' , 'Half Dazed, Half Awoken' and the popular 'Love Trap' .

He was also an actor in a number of films like ''Armour of God'' with Jackie Chan and ''Master Wong v. Master Wong'' which is a parody of legendary kung fu exponent Wong Fei Hung. He also won the Best Leading Award in the Golden Horse Film Awards in 1981 with the film If I were for real.

The heyday of his singing career was not quite over in the early 1990s even in January 1988 he made an announcement that he would not accept any awards with competition involved. Even record sales can no longer compare to his record-breaking numbers in the 80s due to the market environment and other reasons, he continues to release albums on a annual basis even now for the last 30+ years.

Record companies only recognise investment returns when they make new albums. In Hong Kong, it is the norm for young and famous singers to have new albums every year for a few years and then die down. Alan Tam is the one and only one singer who can have new albums every year over 30 years. A lot of other famous singers in the same era like Sam Hui, Anita Miu, Leslie Cheung and others all held retirement concerts in the early 90's, but somehow they all came back to the stage. For Alan, he has never mentioned about retirement. Until now, he is still active in new albums and concerts every year.

In 2003, he teamed up with fellow artist Hacken Lee for a world tour of over 90 concerts and both of them are known to collaborate on further concerts up to 2005. Since 2006, he has also been helping his godson Kelvin Kwan establish a career in the Hong Kong pop industry.

In 2007, Alan Tam was the recipient of the 30th Hall of Fame Award from Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong for his 30+ years contributions to the Hong Kong and Chinese music industry .

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