Monday, September 22, 2008

Choy So-yuk

Choy So Yuk, was a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong. She is an elected member of Council. She holds the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry of the University of Hong Kong and the Master of Philosophy in Chemistry of the University of Hong Kong. She is the member of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, and her main supporters are pro- politicians and organizations, especially the Fujianese in North Point on Hong Kong Island.


Choy notably broke ranks of her party to vote with ists for the preservation of Queen's Pier. She joined democrats to oppose application for HK$50 million to fund the dismantling and relocating of the pier on 9 May 2007. Choy, however, abstained in a re-submitted request for funds to dismantle and relocate Queen's Pier two weeks later. She revealed that she had been lobbied by Michael Suen and Donald Tsang; party did not allow her to cast an opposing vote, and the government won by 10-7.

2008 Legislative Council elections

Choy was placed second to on the DAB list for the Hong Kong Island geographical constituency in the . Choy lost her seat reportedly because the party's vote was split with Regina Ip, who was the candidate endorsed by the DAB in the Hong Kong Island by-election, 2007.

Business interests

She is also the of Huafeng Group, a textiles company listed in Hong Kong.


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