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Dave Wong

Dave Wong, known in as Wang Chieh and in as Wong Kit was a Chinese pop star famous in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


He was born in Taiwan as the son of a former Shaw Brothers actor, Wong Hap, and given the name . He grew up in Hong Kong. Wong shot to the top of the Tawainese music charts in 1987 with his debut album ''A Game, A Dream'', which sold over 500,000 copies, and found great success in Hong Kong during 1989. Many of his songs were used as the theme songs of popular TVB series. He is one of the few artists from Taiwan to break into the Hong Kong market, with four years of chart-topping record sales. He is likewise successful in other markets such as Malaysia, Singapore and China.

His music can be described as being melancholy and haunting in a blend of rock and ballads. Wong is an established songwriter having written many of his most popular songs but also covers songs by other artists, both Asian and western. However, he delivers all his songs with distinctive passion and energy.

To date he has recorded 26 studio albums in Mandarin and 11 in Cantonese. In addition, numerous compilations of his popular songs have been released.
In 2007 January, he released his latest Mandarin album ''Goodbye Madman.''


*21-23/07/1989 Live In Singapore
*22-27/02/1990 Live In Hongkong
*23/02/2000 Giving For The Children
*8-9/12/2000 Live China Tour
*28/12/2000 Live China Tour
*30/12/2000 Live China Tour
*4-6/04/2001 Wang's 2001
*27/04/2002 Concert In Malaysia
*20/03/2003 Love Me & I Love Charity Concert
*24/11/2004 Beijing Concert
*16/09/2006 Xian Concert


Mandarin Albums

* 電影原聲帶《異域》
*《爲了愛 夢一生》
*《All By Himself IV》(Jan/1992)

Cantonese Albums

*《 Hello!》(Dec/2000)

Compilation Albums

*《華納超極品音色系列 王傑》(1997)
*《華納我愛經典系列 王傑》
* 王傑超級精選《鐵漢柔情》
*《王傑2004 傑出之選》2004)
*《王傑 華納No.1系列 2CD》(2006)
*《王傑 華納最出色系列 3CD+DVD》(2007)


* ''Seven Wolves''
* ''Seven Wolves 2''
* ''Casino Raiders 2''
* ''Invincible''
* ''The Legend of the Flying Swordsman''
* ''A War Named Desire''
* ''Roaring Wheels''
* ''Esprit d'Amour''
* ''Return From The Other World''
* ''Love is a Butterfly''
* ''Summer Breeze of Love''
* ''Heat Team''
* ''New Police Story''

TV Serials

*1989 ''Yang Zi Bu Jiao Shui Zi Guo
*1992 ''Xue Jian Tan Xi
*2005 ''Just Love



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